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Mulltech Excavating

Company Profile

Mulltech Excavating is a young company backed by a foundation of experience. It is this youthful passion for the company backed by the support of experience that drives Mulltech Excavating and allows us to offer the unique services that we do. Our experience lies in a combination of excavation, site-servicing and concrete experience, coupled with steel and metal fabrication, all rounded out by more than a decade of experience as a general contractor that allows Mulltech Excavating to offer our customer with the outmost quality and value. It is combination of these disciplines that allows us to couple multiple aspects of our job to provide our customers competitive rates, with a swift and quality delivery.

Mulltech Excavating owns and operates its own equipment. With our fleet of machinery coupled with our plethora of experience and encompassing skill set that allows us to minimize the outsourcing and pass the savings onto our customers.

420 Lake Rd, Bowmanville, On